Dec 5, 2017

Java Web Frameworks 2017

I scavenged the web for any and all Java Frameworks. New or old. Here is what I found.

6 min |  Category: code |  Tags: java, java-ee

Nov 13, 2017

What are Cloud-Native Applications?

Unlike traditional applications, Cloud Native apps are build for... the cloud. What a surprise! So what else defines them besides that?

6 min |  Category: software |  Tags: cloud, apps, docker

Oct 23, 2017

More of My Favorite iOS Apps

I'm starting a new series on new iOS apps I've frequently been using.

7 min |  Category: favorites |  Tags: iOS, mobile-apps

Sep 22, 2017

Some Advice on Docker as a Beginner

Googling for Docker tutorials yields lots of results. Some new. Some old. Here are six things I've gathered so far in 2017.

6 min |  Category: code |  Tags: docker, devops

Jul 7, 2017

At the Office, Don't Assume Everything

Lot of workplace problems can be avoided by not assuming things. Communication is vital and when you assume something, it means you're not talking.

7 min |  Category: workplace |  Tags: office, workplace