Mar 18, 2018

Custom Themes for ProtonMail

3 years with ProtonMail and I've got some more themes to share.

2 min |  Category: privacy |  Tags: css, email, privacy

Mar 4, 2018

Back Online After Migrating DBs

After a few months of migrating from MySQL to Cloudant, I'm finally able to write new content again.

4 min |  Category: meta |  Tags: info, couchdb, db

Dec 5, 2017

Java Web Frameworks 2017

I scavenged the web for any and all Java Frameworks. New or old. Here is what I found.

6 min |  Category: code |  Tags: java, java-ee

Nov 13, 2017

What are Cloud-Native Applications?

Unlike traditional applications, Cloud Native apps are build for... the cloud. What a surprise! So what else defines them besides that?

6 min |  Category: software |  Tags: cloud, apps, docker

Oct 23, 2017

More of My Favorite iOS Apps

I'm starting a new series on new iOS apps I've frequently been using.

7 min |  Category: favorites |  Tags: iOS, mobile-apps

Sep 22, 2017

Some Advice on Docker as a Beginner

Googling for Docker tutorials yields lots of results. Some new. Some old. Here are six things I've gathered so far in 2017.

6 min |  Category: code |  Tags: docker, devops