Alternatives to Google Products

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The anti-Google crowd is growing.

A blog post from recently covered a few Google Products that could be replaced with some alternative products. The idea is that, these alternatives will respect your privacy and data, or don't track your online activity.

I want to expand on their list with some suggestions of my own. And include things that were not mentioned.

I'll start by reiterating the common services:

Google Search <-- DuckDuckGo, StartPage
Gmail <-- ProtonMail, Mailfence, Tutanota
Chrome <-- Firefox, Tor, Brave, or any Firefox-based browser (e.g. Palemoon, Iceweasel, WaterFox)
Google Calendar <-- Etar
Google Drive <-- TeamDrive
Google Docs <-- LibreOffice
Google Photos <-- Shoebox, Piwigo
Google Maps <--  OpenStreetMaps, MapHub,
Hangouts <-- Wire, Telegram, Keybase, or Signal
Google Plus <-- Does anyone even use this? Mastodon, Diaspora
YouTube <-- PeerTube, Vimeo
ChromeOS <-- Linux
Google Fonts <-- FontSquirrel
Google Forms <-- JotForm
Google Surveys <-- SurveyMonkey
Google Translate <-- DeepL
Android <-- iPhone is the only reasonable choice, but you can checkout how to secure your Android device instead of switching.

Now for more alternatives:

Google Authenticator <-- Authy, Authenticator
Google Graphs <-- Plotly? Not entirely sure if they have a HTTP API.
reCAPTCHA <-- No real suggestion. Webdevs might be able to program some custom captcha instead, which I know... sucks.
Google Fiber <-- No real suggestion. But I do recommend using a good VPN service regardless of your ISP you're stuck with.
Google Fi <-- No real suggestion. Since this really depends on your location and available options.
DNS ( <-- Quad9 ( or Cloudflare (
Google Domains <-- PorkBun, Namecheap
Google Analytics <-- Matomo (formerly Piwik)
GCP <-- AWS, IBM Cloud, Pivotal, OpenShift, or others mentioned here.
GKS <-- AWS EKS, IBM Container Service, RedHat OpenShift, Pivotal, Azure, or others mentioned here.

My list is terribly incomplete. I also haven't tested most of the apps, social media, calendar, drive, solutions. Because I don't use them in the first place. So take my suggestions with a grain of salt.

I'm not as anti-Google as some others might be. I still use Google Domains, and plan to stop using Google Maps on my iPhone. But I did migrate to ProtonMail from Gmail, and that was my biggest challenge 3 years ago so I got that going for me. Which is nice.

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Published: Jun 22, 2018
Category: privacy
Tags: google