Dec 30, 2023

Zookeeper Curator with SASL Digest-MD5

How to connect to Zookeeper with Apache Curator with SASL Digest-MD5 enabled.

14 min  | Category: code  | Tags: java, zookeeper, security

Mar 5, 2022

Setting Up a Scala Project With Sbt

This is how I set up a new Scala project with sbt.

6 min  | Category: code  | Tags: sbt, scala, git

Nov 22, 2021

Distributed Cron as a Service with Akka and Quartz

A short story of how I used Akka and Quartz to build a simple but reliable, distributed cron service.

13 min  | Category: code  | Tags: scala, akka, cron

May 10, 2020

Fixing Akka Http "Substream Source cannot be materialized more than once" error

Decided I'd share how I resolved this error with Akka Http client-side code when streaming large files in a distributed service.

10 min  | Category: code  | Tags: scala, akka

Mar 5, 2020

Setting Up Your SSH & GPG Keys

Here's a brief guide to setting up SSH & GPG Keys for git and secure messaging.

4 min  | Tags: git, github, ssh, gpg, openpgp

Nov 19, 2019

Scala CI-CD with Github Actions and Heroku

How to continuously run 'sbt test' on every PR, and after merging deploy it to Heroku.

10 min  | Category: code  | Tags: scala, akka, github, heroku