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Focus on writing

Write, save, and publish your posts without an internet connection, then sync later when you're connected.

Organize your posts

Create tags, categories, featured favorites, draft wild ideas, and even recover scrapped ones later from the bin.

Collaborate with others

Invite co-authors to your post or editors to proof-read it before its published.

Try it out, its free

Oddox is a simple way to write for blogs. Anywhere. Anytime.



View blog designs and templates designed by our team. All for free.

Sample A

Minimalistic theme.

Sample B

Fully featured theme.

Sample C

Plain-text only theme.

Coming Soon

We're sorry, but this project is still under development. You can view the progress on GitHub, and we'll have a subscription up soon so you can be notified as soon as Oddox is ready!

Please come back again later!

Thank you!

Lots of great features

Here is a big list of things Oddox can do.

  • Offline-first dashboard
  • One-click synchronize
  • Multi-author enabled
  • Co-authors and editors
  • Tag posts
  • Categorize posts
  • Publish in the future
  • Save drafts
  • Feature "starred" posts
  • Recover from trash
  • Clean default theme
  • Extend/customize themes
  • Admin role
  • Cloud and Containerized
  • Free!
  • Responsive interface
  • PBKDF2 encrypted passwords
  • Backup with CouchDB
  • HTTP/2 enabled
  • HTTPS default
  • Easy installation
  • Author bios
  • Search posts
  • Thumbnails for posts
  • Banner pictures
  • Author profile pictures
  • List all authors
  • List all categories
  • List all tags
  • Open source!

See something missing? Let us know and we can consider adding it!

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